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First question that you may have is: What Is ExactAsking Questions and Answers Script?
Our script is a stand alone questions and asnwers script with an ingenious integration of some features from Yahoo! Answers and other websites, like AnswerBag.com and Answers.com. This was our objective when we've created this product: to create something new, new features that other Q&A websites have put together and integrate those options in one script.

The best thing of our script is with no doubt the base system that makes our script works correctly and the most important thing to have good and quality questions and answers - the points system.

Of course, our script have other facilities, basic features that are important both for users and the webmasters. Some of this are: integrate with a question a poll(you can make a case study with this option), public profile for users(this creates a simple but yet efficient socialize possibility between members), simple settings for members(like receiving email when somebody answers your questions or gives a vote) and many others features for the members; but for you, as a webmaster, the best things that you get are: daily statistics and general statistics, efficient banner advertisement and easy administration of questions, answers, users and categories.

  • Integrate with a question a poll
  • Up to 6 options for the poll
  • Best Answer Option
  • Add related links to a question
  • Invite friends
  • Easy administration of questions, answers, profile, avatar from members account
  • Quick & Easy Installation Process
  • Email Administration for New Question, Answers, users added or for any modification performed
  • Spam Protection - All forms are CAPTCHA Protected
  • Points System for questions and answers
  • Question & Answer Moderation available through Admin Panel
  • Quick Advertisement Integration for Banners, Affiliate Promotion
  • Unlimited Main Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Fully setup for the points system
  • Easy navigation for visitors through questions
  • Easy Layout Design modifications
  • Demo

    So, the features that we've tried to write above means nothing if you don't view the 'real deal' in action; to view how exactly the ExactAsking Questions And Answers Script works.

    WEBSITE DEMO - username: user - password: 123456

    ADMIN DEMO - username: admin - password: 123456

    The requirements for our script are quite simple and minimum, because we've tought that you don't have to invest a lot of money in web-hosting and servers.
    So, here are the requirements:
  • PHP 4.3.3 or higher
  • MySQL
  • 1 MySQL DataBase
  • session
  • mail functions active
  • Verify

    Step 1: Create a file 'test.php'
    Step 2: Add the below mentioned code in 'test.php'


    Step 3: Upload this file on your server.
    Step 4: Open the UPLOADED file in the browser
    Like this: www.yourdomainname.com/test.php

    PHP Information page will appear and you can check the status of all the extensions whether they are enabled or not. Or send us the link of the uploaded file and we will let you know about the server compatibility. However if you still have any issue then ask us!


    Attention: the refund guarantee is not available for those cases where the script doesn't work because the server is not compatible with the script! So we ask you to be very careful when you check the compatibility between our product and your server!

    ExactAsking Questions And Answers Script = $60 $35
    15 Days Money Back Guarantee for any reason = $0
    Banner Advertising System Plugin = $0
    Let Us Install The Script = $5 (Highly Recommend It)


    You can contact us for any problems or questions that you have and also for technical support and details!
    Here is the email address to contact: office@exactproduct.com
    Live Support is currently OFFLINE - Please contact us by email!

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